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Tujiazu Kujia convention rite significance

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  Tujia area always spread and preserved the integrity of wedding customs. According to the Qing emperor Qian Long in Hubei " Changyang county " said: " Ningxiang, Badong near the beauty, people shout miaoman. The first day of a married woman, eight or nine women, and women were ten people for a seat. Is the day, her parents, aunts and nine female executive suit in hand, followed by a song. Women also in turn pay ... ... Song music, very sad, tears with the sound. " Tujia girl married the former, with family and friends to sing sing song " marry ", at the appointed time, married women to weeping, to sing, to do the bitter tears. Wedding customs, academia is almost be all in one story that originated from matriarchal society to patriarchal society transition period of marriage, women cry originated from ancient woman robbed when they cry or weep. Marriage woman cries, through a long evolution on the development of later became the wedding customs. It may have some truth. However, people have to ask: marriage woman cry is not equal to it, why is this woman cries in marriage already disappear time will develop into a complete line of wedding customs? This is a marriage of people don't have to explain. In fact, it is the custom, and its social function reasons. As we know, any kind of custom, initially must be for some social life which meets the need, even with the changes of history, a kind of folk custom of utilitarian purpose happened a series of variation, but as long as the folk customs still exist, and adapt to the utilitarian purpose won't die. Tujiazu Kujia convention is no exception. Here, we try to use of ethnology, folklore information, discuss wedding customs in a certain historical period of social practical value.

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