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Tujia religious belief

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  According to historical records and folk legends, Tujia nationality after believe animism and the presence of totem faith, belief in witchcraft historical stage. After entering the class society, and from the belief of Tujia primitive religion evolved to polytheism. As a result of Tujia region by Han strong influence of feudal culture, Taoism, Buddhism entered Tujia village earlier, especially improve the soil to return flow after a large number of Han people mountain reclamation, Tujia people affected by the influence of Han culture is more and more big, the Tujia Religion Infiltration of many Han Chinese beliefs. But the ancestor worship, worship of soil, soil King believe teacher ( Tujia language called " TIMA ", some say " old " ) of witchcraft, or be handed down from generation to generation, continued.


  Ancient Tujia Nationality in productivity is very low under the condition of nature, all things considered divine product, hence animism and white tiger worship superstition. " Dead soul of Linjun, the white tiger, tiger PAP to drink human blood, then people Temple", think Linjun 's death, the soul becomes white tiger tiger, due to drink human blood, therefore, ancestor worship using human blood sacrifice, to seek asylum. Later used to kill cattle instead of killing, the bull as a sacrifice, " head like " renamed " the wish ". Before the founding of new China Chongqing and Guizhou Tujia still believe that the tiger is a deity, is sitting white tiger, the Tiger God is God 's good, every household should worship; another is the minimum white tiger, the tiger god answer will be crushed to death of children, it is bad if God, whose child is sick, on a suspected made this kind of White Tiger God, have to ask the teacher " catch the tiger " soil, for children of evil.


  Tujia nationality Chong the history long, to the early years of the Western Han Dynasty, still have " Jing Wu Temple, the first commander, Shi MI, belong to " records. Division ancient note : " in the church hall, under the. The first, the first is the. ... ... " Tang " Kuizhou map" still goes: " things were razed, pretty things. ... ... Vulgar Chuan lunar January first, even the waist drums to songs, as the hoof tread of the play. ... ... Custom March 8th Festival, with Chen Cixiang, Jen drum master dance to it. " Although the future change, to improve the soil to return flow before and after, basic also and such. According to " Baojing county " records: " old straight plain, like a relic, ... ... Worship of ghosts and grass, grass with chamber. ... ... Every year in March, killing Aries drumming blowing Sheng sacrificing ghosts; the night of eighteen April September 9th and ancestor worship; walled slaughter Si Chongyang, to soil work; at the end of the year in December twenty-eight and ancestor worship, a day to a ghost. ... ... If he does not believe the disease, medical, the slaughter of cattle to God, song or weeping, advocating the witchery and ghost. " Until the founding of new China, Tujia people still believed in many gods, but to the worship of ancestors, and requests the teacher (also, soil Taoist monk ) through God send a ghost.


  The religious belief can be divided into three categories: the first category dedicated to Wang soil ( soil main ) of the ancestors. Youshui basin along most of the Tujia village are built with soil or soil main temple Wang temple. In Xiangxi, for as much as the Lord John Duke (i.e., Peng, worry ), tin men, to the Yankees official, the people thought, soil soil king after the death of Peng Shichou is a great God, everyone must sacrifice. Lunar January first to fifteen, August fifteen to October fifteen, the walled self sacrifice in regular soil king, most grand. There is also " February church ", " church, " May March " Hall " the worship of soil king. In Western Hubei Laifeng, Xianfeng, Xuanen, Lichuan area established for more than three Fu Palace, for as much as the Qin, cropland, three fathers to god. " Three ask God, legend has it for the three toast, with the political benefits, people cannot forget, it is located in the rural cooperatives and offering ". Sangzhi, Dayong (now the zhangjiajie Yongding ), Changyang, Badong, Enshi, to the king Miaoduo, dedicated to king. Xiushan, local-God temple, is the young's house. They have the Spring Festival holiday on to prepare meat sacred soil king. As to the soil king promised, have optional king also, slaughtered cattle pig sacrifice. Along the Qingjiang boatman, believe in to the king, " said to the king of one angle, blowing out a clear river ". Where on June six, the boatman will berth port, although wine for its development to Li Qingjiang merit, and pray to the asylum smooth sailing. " Soil temple, which show Yamada Jinno ancestors also. The first for Jiujiang, Tian Miao Jiang, Xiaojiang unitary first, so the best king. The king Zuiling, age two, although children of natives are main tins, complete set ".


  In Yongshun, Yongsan, also built eight temples. Yongshun eight temple, in Yongshun Xuanweisi manages its already established. " The ancient temple to worship God with eight, every year lunar January first, Wu Si try white buffalo, to pray a year off cheung ". Folklore eight God is Ao Zhaohe homes, West ladder Yankees, West Oh guy, have, Sue, the UMI, from this also washed, then also the flying columns etc.. Before the founding of new China, the early lunar January earth people to kill Jiuyang sacrifice, sacrifice after Waving Dance, grand. The car washing village folk gods is eight of soil king eight will become God, every hand, must first respect eight great spirit.


  In addition to belong to ancestor worship temple, but after that, along with the feudal landlord economy development, also is the ancestral God, worship their ancestors. Every day to worship in before the founding of new China is still very popular.

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