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Zhangjiajie native products.

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  Come to zhangjiajie, can not taste the authentic Tujia food. The extravagant Tujia ten bowls, old people loved the three pot; from the hotel in the exquisite Ge Ba brake cake, the old lady basket of wormwood Baba; from on the big table maize cob to street can joss-stick float miles of sweet potato. zhangjiajie food, " spring snow " and " popular literature or art have everything that one expects to find ", what kind of people can find to meet their own food here.Even many never eat spicy tourists here, later, unexpectedly also fell in love with the things here.


  Watching the beautiful scenery on the mountain, to bring the total so something back to relatives and friends. One is to prove his worth; on the other hand is for their own travel draw the most memorable one pen.

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