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  Including the Qingyan Tsui Ming, Maoping Maojian tea, lobster.


  The famous painter Huang Yongyu was praised as " Guilin Scenery best in the world, zhangjiajie scenic Guilin, Qingyan Tsui Ming floating world ". Beijing Academy of agricultural and Forestry Sciences Dean, senior agronomist Dong Keqin Zhang on lobster scented gave height the opinion: " the lobster flavor fragrance, mellow around nine intestinal; ' lobster ' wins ' Longjing ', latecomers become the first. " Hunan Agricultural College famous tea experts Professor Lu Songhou watching the taste of Maoping Maojian later said: " the Maoping Maojian is Mao Feng type special tea, rope seedlings show, full of phi pekoe, color green run bright. "

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