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Shentangwan Charm

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  Don't know what kind of foot is precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, did not stand, a charnel breeze, has as a lion tiger violently toward the body on a hot day to come, also let a person a shiver. A statue of Wu Wei Wu Shi feng. In the gorge green blue above the forest stand, like crayons, like stalagmites, like his magic, like the beautiful woman, like a shy woman ... ... The pinnacle, a large number of, also count, inexhaustible to stand in his eyes fans. The sun into a white powder in the canyon.


  This is the mountain of the bay.


  Never seen the extraordinary as if done by the spirits of people, please go to the bay. Here each steep and they are just cut a few axe after left there. All the traces left corrections. The stone mountain, here was split a crevice, there was split a hole, some cracks the crooked straight crack from the summit to the abyss blue-black; some from the summit to slide down, leaning in to Shifeng edge; some cracks like palm lines, can be an intermediate and the sudden appearance of a hole; some the crack grows eccentricly, some cracks and short surprisingly, well-proportioned anisometropia. The nature of the thunderstorms, hew stones like people, like animal, like all living creatures. There is a statue of gray stone, like a gaunt old man, a circle of stones in the summit, has long half round wire thatch, who said that the old man's beard? Shentangwan momentum is boundless, towards the valley more look at several eyes, body is light, the heart is always " thunk thunk " down, give a person a kind of vast desolate atmosphere. According to legend, Yuanmomingchu Tujia national minority youth to Kun against government oppression, in yuanjiajie led uprising, claiming to be the son, and the government fought ninety-nine battles, are overcome, the last battle to defeat, king is from I stood on the cliff horse out of the abyss. He and the generals of the bay for the pinnacle. Then, Tianzishan that town called fairy Sanhua Pinnacle with a layer of mythology. The basket of flowers, is dedicated to King, hear to the king died, the fairy was turned into stone, with flowers in his hands, will always be a badly cut his appearance.


  The Gulf of countless stone, which a not always on the run? Nature's extraordinary as if done by the spirits, from the shape gives each a pinnacle with life, life has hundreds of millions of years to the king; following a tragic experience, and from the meaning assigned to each steep to fine blanking, each have their own story. Have a look carefully every seat on the top of the stone, stone in vigorous growing pine trees, you can simply be with them to talk about the heart, say something, put your sorrow, your happiness, your face all difficulties and hardships in the world, are pouring out.


  The Bay Stone Mountain Pine in different poses and with different expressions. Some stones like peacock slender neck up, on the top of only a tree root to hold rock umbrella pines, alone in their growth, with peacock atop the corolla as like as two peas, pine tenacious vitality of surprise you. Some pine trees, from the stone cliffs on the gap is growing out of the trunk, only thick arm, half

High, it is then twisted growth, who knew they had to fight many storms. In a steep and half waist, a rock formation like a book. In the very flat and smooth stones, pine tree growing healthy and strong. The top of the tree is the umbrella, the imposing manner like a roaring waterfall. Yellow pine falls to another piece of flat rock, paved a side of Matsuba Ko, the cushion for whom it was paved for children?? as heroes? Or lover?


  Rain drops down. Is the mountain from the days too close, or shentangwan rain different? The rain fall down, just like there are a group of fairy together to pull off a myriad of Pearl necklace. Not a, heard shouting, fighting with a powerful army, come thick and fast.


  The rain has stopped, the fog was thick and thick rolling. For a while, the fog in the water, the rain came, rain like a cotton fluffer, the fog tore a piece of, a little, a group group. He lifted up his eyes, a mighty army came from the array, the pinnacle of lower body is wrapped in mist, swagger before others to come down from the sky. I close my eyes, it tremble with terror. When I open my eyes and see, they are a group in the ensuing retreat. The fog is slowly and strong, scenery and subtle, pinnacle in the sun 's golden smile disappeared. At this time only to see the peak on the contour curve. In a blink of an eye, fog and thin, Shifeng appears from the mist jump, pine wet turning from black to light, dark blue, dark green to green turns, finally tell you: the fog. Mountain mist, to shentangwan Qifeng Guaishi, give precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on the pine tree, bringing youth, brought a shy, brought the dream, brought the change of distinguished air of elegance and coquetry. Ears hear, shentangwan Canyon and cries of dragons and tigers, and Zheng Ding Dong, but you don't know that voice come from where.


  The Bay and, again and again I see you, appreciate your style, for a long time, I could not help but ignorance!

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