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Changsha Zoo

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  Changsha Zoo north of Tak Nga Road, 3 road vehicle through the door; gate through the martyr park, the total area of 4.6 hectares, the habitat from the equatorial, tropical rain forest, temperate, oceanic plateau, desert, grassland, the rare fowls and strange animals more than 90, more than 1000, one of 20 kinds of animal. Northeast tiger, lion, leopard, clouded leopards in Africa, the giant panda, lesser panda, golden cat, chimpanzees, baboons, gibbon, zebra, pony, peacock, red-crowned cranes feeding amount in more than one pair. Asian elephant, hippopotamus and etc.. Only the monkeys, have bear monkey, monkey, monkey, Macaca mulatta in Ganges RIver, long-tailed macaque, slow loris, red face monkey species.

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