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Pingjiang County water scenery Gu

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  A source of tourist area in Hunan Pingjiang County Jiangxi county at the junction of the west side of Shek Village in Hunan province in recent years, as a newly found important scenic area, 180 km away from Changsha, 190 kilometers away from Yueyang, tour starting in Daping Township Shek Village ( Fu Village ), ending in Longmen small River Village, sand road about 15 km long, 6.5 km of drifting, drifting time of about 2.5 hours. A water scenery along the central China rare Danxia landform, the scenery along the road is mainly, in chase, the Xianrenyan, lotus gorge, two rock, dragon pearl, trunk stone, bow bridge, Tianmen rock, monkey face rock, reservoir of hole, lion back, bergamot, sleeping beauty, rock stone drum, cymbal stone, stone finance officer. Come to a source of water, can ride in the ancient oxcart, listen to Pingjiang folk duet folk song. Vice governor of Hunan he Tong Xin referred to here is the Hunan Province in recent years, new found the best scenic spots.

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