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    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park:
    World Geopark - China's first national forest park - Zhangjiajie core scenic basically a scenic Zhangjiajie Tourism must-see
    1, the world's first long alpine passenger ropeway;
    December 4 machine 2,99 years the cave days doorway across the world's highest mountains;
    3, the world's first highway wonders of Babel Avenue;
    4, with the primitive forest, such as the Hanging Gardens of subtropical rainforest style.
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    First day: morning Jietuan, the urban Tianmenshan Tianmen Cave tour, the Baofeng Lake scenic area, or the Yellow Dragon Cave scenic
    Morning The tour guide and driver in Zhangjiajie airport or station placards Jietuan. Tianmen Mountain Cableway next station, travel to visit Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park (258 yuan ticket and the cableway ticket included), Tianmenshan culture deep have "Wuling Soul" and said more Xiangxi first Kamiyama reputation it concurrently peak, stone, springs, streams, clouds, forest, in one set of male, odd show, insurance, secluded in one, known as the air original garden. We take the Tianmen Mountain Cableway tour Tianmenshan: concept Tianmen Cave the Turn 99 the highway wonders (Babel Avenue), Villa Li Gui plank road, Gui Bing disk, Yunmeng cents top, Tianmenshan Temple, Lingquan homes, wood and stone love and other famous attractions.
    The Heavenly Gate cableway: cableway line plagioclase of 7455 meters, the level of the next station elevation 1279 meters, is the world's longest single-wire loop Detachable grips compartment cableway, like a rainbow Stagecoach "earth", "heaven", but also as a giant Dragon Cheung Suyun sky, mountain nationality wall, pull to the sky, soul-stirring, magnificent, spectacular, become Tianmenshan tourist scenic spot one of the four wonders.
    Babel Avenue: The winding road called Babel Boulevard total of 99 curved jade belt surround curved abuts layers stacked mountain Ji wall, into the sky, "the first road spectacle" turned out from the cableway viewed on the road, like a spider web general intensive Highway, the vertical height difference of about one thousand meters.
    The Tianmen Cave On Mount Tianmen Cave: the nine hundred ninety-nine steps beyond the bounds pray. 131.5 meters high, 50 meters wide, north and south off Chihiro prime wall, magnificent, towering high absolute rare high-altitude mountains cave, is filling fortune magic crown world wonders, 2006 Russian Air Force the Zhangjiajie Tianmen aerobatics let the Tianmen Cave suspense upgrade again become a global focus.
    Ghost the ancient Plank Road: foot is not marginal green, flocks of birds playing in the canyon, occasional eagle from the front of passing, close your eyes, bulging numb legs, with a rapid heartbeat, stretched arms, you will be able to get one of the most perfect, most exciting, most close to the natural spa. To know this reward cliff scenery are generally non-human can enjoy.

    Tour "air Shenghu" - Baofeng scenic 76 yuan (tickets included): Baofeng set landscape in one financial folk customs, especially Qixiu Gaoxiapinghu superb view, "waterfalls three thousandfamous ruler Baofeng waterfalls, mysterious mountain temple, we will go to see the Baofeng waterfalls, fairy mirror, Shimen welcome, peacock opening screen, toad with month, turtles water lifelike attractions, boating on the lake, listen to the water princes Mei folk song teaser, lengthy egrets fishing clear water.

    Huanglong Cave area (80 tickets included) or tour to enjoy the "world the caverns all-around champion," said: Huanglong Cave 2005 has been selected as "China's most beautiful tourist cave, cave dim light, stalagmites, like Zhu Zhu and ancient wrong section packing, the holes have holes, the holes have river, full of wonders, Zhennai the veritable "underground enchanted", the holes also insure one hundred million yuan of stalagmites Dinghaishenzhen of, xiangshuihe Longwang party hall, angel water Tianzhu Street and other famous attractions.

    Accommodation The Wulingyuan Suoxiyu (scenic)
    Recommended own expense Large-scale song and dance show performing "charm Xiangxi 180 yuan / person
     The very next day : the movie " Afanda " mountain prototype yuanjiajie scenic spot, " the world king of the forest " - scenic Tianzishan scenic tour, ten miles Gallery


    Hotel in SUOXIYU ticket station to scenic spots: China's first national level Forest Park - Zhangjiajie national Forest Park ( 248 yuan tickets already contained, for two days) on the best in all the land, ladder - hundred dragons elevators ( 56 yuan / person ) reach the yuanjiajie scenic spots: yuanjiajie is the core of Zhangjiajie landscape and the quality of the tour line, yuanjiajie scenery to male, odd, insurance, Jun is known, in more than 10 village along the mountains, along the way scenery of numbers, which can enjoy : the movie " Afanda " " Hallelujah Mountain " prototype " Qiankun column ", yet found in fall the highest natural bridge - the best in all the land bridge, nine days Hyun ladder, the eight diagrams, ape chimera, worship Sendai attractions.



    Take a car 40 minutes in a " forest king " of the mountain natural scenic area: " who knows of the face, return not to see the world mountain ", the visible mountain an exquisite scenery, beautiful scenery, many attractions, tour set in natural humanities in one of the He Long Park, the peak, the Fairy flowers, west hill, sea, stone vessels, can climb to the highest point of the mountain club, overlooking mountain panorama. 2 hour walk down the hill ( multiplicative Tianzishan cable down the hill, 52 yuan / person ) reach ten miles Gallery scenic area, visit to Zhangjiajie: ten field of herb elderly, three sisters, twilight, golden rooster, husband and wife Brussel, Tengu moon (can take sightseeing attractions such as a small fire car tour full, 30 yuan / person ).


    A place to stay

    Wulingyuan SUOXIYU ( area )

    Recommended at their own expense

    Hundred dragons elevators one-way 56 yuan / person, Tianzishan cable one-way 52 yuan / person, ten miles Gallery small train 30 yuan / person

     Day third: Zhangjiajie national Forest Park: Huangshi Village area, Golden Whip Stream scenic tour, evacuation mission

    Walk through the "China's most beautiful canyon " - Golden Whip Stream: Golden Whip Stream full-length 7.5 kilometers, walking for about 2.5 hours, Golden Whip brook is a natural formation beautiful streams, because Golden Whip rock named Valley, lush vegetation, the clear stream, known as the " Landscape Gallery ", " fairyland ". Golden Whip rock tours, Eagle protecting the whip, splitting mountain, drunk arhat, star lake, rock, comfrey, around four miles to meet a Buddism godness Guanyin, mentoring from the door, can, long spring, candle peak, the double Turtle Creek, a collection of such famous sights.


    Visit the big Yangba square ( per cubic centimeter of air containing 8-10 million negative oxygen ion ), to 1200 meters above sea level, is " not worth to Zhangjiajie Huangshi village, " the reputation of Huangshi Village area ( can choose to take Huangshi village cable on the downhill, one-way 50 yuan / person / time or choose to walk ): Qianshan Wanhe panoramic view, along the ring road village walk, can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Huangshi village, along with the six wonders Pavilion, one table, double door welcome, five finger peak, sea tortoise, natural mural, Huangshi pine, the echo wall, nine heavy wall and other attractions. Return to the city of Zhangjiajie, Zhangjiajie the station or airport evacuation mission to return, the end of a pleasant trip to Zhangjiajie!

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